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Welcome to the site. Feel free to send us photos of your Bullmastiff doing what he/she does best!

Brief Information:
The Bullmastiff was bred for short bursts of speed and the power to stop a poacher. Seldom required to enforce that duty today, they're undemanding companions and are content with less exercise than more streamlined breeds. Bullmastiffs relish physical contact, whether overflowing your lap or lying at (or on) your feet. Their strength lies in their brawn; they do not bark needlessly. They recommend looking for the less dominant pup for families with children. Related to other bull and mastiff breeds, they are like Missourians: "Show me a reason for doing this, and I'll do it". But the best way to convince a Bullmastiff is to bond and foster mutual respect. What the breed won't do through orders or force, it will for love.

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